Monday, 6 February 2012

Hair Help Please

Hello fellow bloggers, hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Its all lovely and white outside aswell as absolutely freezing, so i thought id stay inside with a mug of hot chocolate and my blog its much more appealing.
I'm booked into the hairdressers this weekend, for a much needed cut/restyle (a treat from my lovely mummy) .
But me being me I'm so indecisive i don't know what i want and keep changing my mind, so i need some help from my fellow bloggers.

I'm not sure if i want a fringe or not, i know they are going to be popular in the upcoming months and i do quite like them, it just what sort...full fringe, wispy, choppy, long, plus i don't want it to make me look like i have a fat head as i hear that a full fringe can on some people.
I do have a side sweeping fringe at the moment i just fancy a change, here is something I'm considering.
Picture 1

Picture 2
The Top one is a picture i had in my recent ELLE magazine and as soon as i looked at the front cover i loved her hair,(that you get a free soap and glory mascara in by the way) I did once have a *pob* like 4/5 years ago and now Ive grown my hair to just above my bust, and would like to keep the length its just hard to find new fresher cuts that will transform your look without taking any hair off i think.
I also ombre'd my hair last year and i loved it so i may have to do it again as i love the effect on picture 2 aswell as the textured look it has, 
I would love for my cut to look stylish yet effortless.

If anyone has any other suggestions I'm all ears, what do you think of these styles? fringe or no fringe? ombre or no ombre? I would appreciate any feed back...Thank you :)


  1. I love your blog! Thanks for checking out mine and following, I'm now a follower of yours!


  2. I recently got a full fringe. I found that when I walked outta the hairdressers, you know they make your hair all thin with the products they use? I hated that, because the fringe was just so thin and whispy. But I got home and washed my hair and my hair got all big and poofy again and I was very happy! I think if you have like fuller, volumous hair, fringes are easier to pull off! :) Loving the blog, I'm a new follower :)

    1. Oh yea i know what you mean, sometimes its nicer to tweak it the way you like it, ive had times where ive been to the hairdressers and not like the way it was straightned so as soon as i get home i sort it out a bit.
      My hair is really full maby i'll give it a shot :) thanks for your advice appreciate it xxx

  3. Hi, just came aross your blog, its great. :-) You should def go for the fringe, just remember it will grow out pretty quick, and if you get annoyed with it you can use a headband or pin it back, thats what I used to do! lol

    Check out my blog, maybe we could follow each other? :-)

    1. Awh thanks yea that's a good point aswell, as I'd probs go for a longer fringe anyway, thanks for that and ill check out your blog xx

  4. nice blog ^^
    follow me and i follow you))


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