Friday, 24 February 2012

Do You Lilac It?

Bonjour :),
I was just sorting through a few of my nail polishes and i found a group of colours that i thought would work perfectly together.
So i thought i would get a bit creative with my nails for a change and use these lovely colours together, i have seen a few people have nails with different patterns and pictures on so i thought i would give it a whirl but with my own twist to make it a bit more individual. 
Here's What I Did

And Here Are the Polishes I Used

L-R ..Andrea Fullerton-Stripe and Sparkle, Gosh-Lavender Love, Barry M-Mint Green, Barry M-Strawberry ice cream, OPI-Do You Lilac It? , and a white polish that was in a manicure set (no brand)
How I Did This Look

  • Firstly i Painted on a base coat (not pictured) i then painted on the OPI polish in Do You Lilac It?, 
  • Once that was dry i did my patterns buy using a old lip brush ( as i don't own any nail art tools) i found it works just as well, for the patterns i used Gosh-Lavender Love for the horizontal stripes ( middle finger)
  • I then used Barry M's Mint green to polka dot my index finger and pinky finger, then Barry M's Strawberry ice cream to do the vertical stripes on my thumb

I then decided to add a little cute panda as an accent nail for a twist, i did this by 

  • painting a white oval then using the Andrea Fullerton's Stripe and Sparkle i used the thin brush to do 2 circles for the ears, same for the eyes then a small dot for the nose and painted in the mouth,
  •  i then put a dot of white in the centre of each eye followed with a smaller dot of black again in the centre of that

Let me know what you think, If you feel like giving this a go id love to see it, what do you think of nail art? Have you tryed it?
And id love to know if anyone would like a review of any of the above nail polishes

Thanks for reading 


  1. cute panda :)


  2. aww so cute!
    i love the panda haha.

  3. Panda is extremely cute!! OPI nail varnishes are the best, I have Do You Lilac It as well. Have you tried Nicki Minajs collection? It's amazing.


    1. Awh thank you, its a lovely colour! I adore OPI no I have not tried it yet I really want to though I wouldn't know where to start though x

  4. I nearly bought a lilac shade earlier on so nice!

  5. I just stumbled upon your web site and it is awesome and incredible! I am also a make-up junkie. :) I am going to you should definitely adhere to youpure fiji

  6. hey zoe thanks for following :) i'm your newest follower
    xoxo Stephi

  7. Adorable mani, especially love the cute panda :)

  8. These are lovely babe :) I need to book an appointment for this week <3
    Keep up the good blogging !!
    Love u xx


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