Thursday, 2 February 2012

Calling all CHOCOLATE lovers---Bodyshop's Chocomania

Good morning my lovey's, hope your all having a great week.
So Yesterday i popped into town as you do, and as i passed the Bodyshop something was calling my name... Zoe come here, look at us... all chocolaty and lovely ... obviously i had to oblige, it was the Bodyshop's NEW Chocomania range.

 These people certainly know how to catch an eye or two, they had a great display in store which had a massive stand full of pure heaven chocolate scented Body Butters, shower gels, scrubs, soaps and gifts and all ranging from size AMAZING. I wanted the lot after i got a whiff of the chocolaty goodness, and i kid you not it smells just like chocolate. Ive had chocolaty smelling stuff before and it was just a hint of the smell coming through but this is the real deal. So as i couldn't make my mind up i went with this lovely heart shaped chocolate box which had a good few smaller sizes of the range inside.

 It looks like an expensive box of chocolates.. soo cutely packaged, perfect gift for valentines day aswell.
contents in the picture below.

                                             Inside the heart shaped tin is
  • 50ML Chocomania Body Butter
  • 50ML Chocomania Body Scrub
  • 10ML Chocomania Lip Butter
  • 60ML Chocomania Shower Gel

Body Butter

Shower Gel

Lip Butter

Body Scrub

Inside the body scrub pot
I wanted to show how rich and lovely the body scrub looks :)
The Body Butter is super moisturising and its supposed to hydrate you for up to 48 hrs the smell of chocolate lingers on your skin for ages too, i seriously can't stop smelling this stuff!!
Oh and just a tip if you are tempted to go and buy the chocomania range DON'T EAT THIS or be tempted to taste, wash your hands after using the creams because if you accidentally get a hint of this in your mouth its flippin awful!!...rank urghh
Luckily the lip butter isn't bad tasting its lovely, it was the body butter.

5 star customer service
Another thing i loved about the bodyshop is the customer service i received, this to me is super important as it makes your whole shopping experience that much better when the staff are happy and friendly, yesterday in the Bodyshop it was faultless, for example i have previously shopped there and a very happy shop assistant came up to me asking if i need any help (which is great) and was asking about my baby son while he was smiling at her in his pram, i go in there again and she remembers me and his name and it was like a month gap, i was so impressed, they are always lovely in there and it makes the customer want to go back thank you girls in the Bodyshop ( This sounds like the shop manager in me coming out haha).

As a bonus when i got to the till i got a "golden ticket" see the theme running here "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory" ... Very clever, i think you get this if you buy something from the chocomania range in store, and in mine entitled me to 50 percent off any item on their website with free delivery.. Bingo you Beauty. I think the tickets have a few different surprises in them.

You can check the range out at
Let me know what you think of this range? would you be tempted by the chocolaty goodness? what are your fave Bodyshop products?

Thanks for reading


  1. Ohh lovely! Love the box its really cute ^^ Shame i'm not keen on chocolatey smells :/ maybe because none i have smelt before actually smell like chocolate.
    I shall have to have a gander when i next go to town see if my mind can be changed :)

    1. Yea i was the same but the smell is nothing but chocolate its so nice, you'll have to let me know what u think xx

  2. I got the body butter its gorgeous x

  3. I have total chocolate envy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great pics :)

  4. cute blog! come and enter my giveaway for a free copy of this awesome, award-winning scrapbooking software from my memories! anticipation

  5. I've just bought the shower creme, scrub and lip balm and I'm looking forward to trying the creme and scrub in the shower tomorrow! I've had a quick sniff and they smell amazing!

  6. Everything looks perfume and I can just smell it now!


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