Monday, 27 February 2012

NEW L'oreal Caresse - Cheeky Magenta

Hello Lovelies,
I don't know if you have seen the new L'oreal Caresse Lipstick line in boots, but They seem to be that new out none of the stores at the moment (that i have seen) have any testers of the colours, i got 2 and I'm going to swatch them for you and tell you what my impressions are the first one I'm going to review is in Cheeky Magenta 07

Excuse the scratches on the lid, when i bought it from superdrug they have these massive horrible stickers on them and are such a pain to get off.The packaging of this is really nice, its a clear casing and on the end is a reflective metallic colour on the lid that reflects the colour inside (with this shade its a metallic bright pink colour)

The L'oreal Caresse is the in-between of a lipstick and a lip balm, the pigmentation is similar to that of a lipstick and the softness and feel of this is like your wearing a lip balm, its just amazing! 
When i applied this i was thinking ..if its like a balm does that mean its not going to last as long?.. but it lasted roughly 2 and a half to 3 hours so i was quite impressed with this.
If you have a problem with lipsticks that give you that horrible dry feeling, and like how smooth your lips feel with a balm on ...this is for you!

On the lips ( with a few more swipes of this colour it will be more vibrant)
Overall I'm really pleased with this product it glides on the lips gives alot of colour payoff and feels really moisturising i give it 9/10 
Have you tried any of this range? What do you think?

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Do You Lilac It?

Bonjour :),
I was just sorting through a few of my nail polishes and i found a group of colours that i thought would work perfectly together.
So i thought i would get a bit creative with my nails for a change and use these lovely colours together, i have seen a few people have nails with different patterns and pictures on so i thought i would give it a whirl but with my own twist to make it a bit more individual. 
Here's What I Did

And Here Are the Polishes I Used

L-R ..Andrea Fullerton-Stripe and Sparkle, Gosh-Lavender Love, Barry M-Mint Green, Barry M-Strawberry ice cream, OPI-Do You Lilac It? , and a white polish that was in a manicure set (no brand)
How I Did This Look

  • Firstly i Painted on a base coat (not pictured) i then painted on the OPI polish in Do You Lilac It?, 
  • Once that was dry i did my patterns buy using a old lip brush ( as i don't own any nail art tools) i found it works just as well, for the patterns i used Gosh-Lavender Love for the horizontal stripes ( middle finger)
  • I then used Barry M's Mint green to polka dot my index finger and pinky finger, then Barry M's Strawberry ice cream to do the vertical stripes on my thumb

I then decided to add a little cute panda as an accent nail for a twist, i did this by 

  • painting a white oval then using the Andrea Fullerton's Stripe and Sparkle i used the thin brush to do 2 circles for the ears, same for the eyes then a small dot for the nose and painted in the mouth,
  •  i then put a dot of white in the centre of each eye followed with a smaller dot of black again in the centre of that

Let me know what you think, If you feel like giving this a go id love to see it, what do you think of nail art? Have you tryed it?
And id love to know if anyone would like a review of any of the above nail polishes

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

UNE Skin-Glow Pencil

Hello lovelies!
The other day i popped into boots as i wanted a brightening eye pencil, i didn't want a bright white one as i think it can look to harsh sometimes, so i wanted one that was a bit brighter than the actual water line of my eye but still flesh toned and i came across the brand UNE.

I have seen this range lurking about for a bit, but i haven't herd much about it and i found this Skin-Glow pencil i read the description and it said... "The Une Skin Glow Pencil provides a touch of radiance.A glide-on, melting formula to awaken the eyes and add a touch of radiance wherever needed.

The Une Skin Glow Pencil is Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically & Ophthalmologically tested.
100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin"...

Fab this was just what i was looking for,something to brighten up my eyes a bit and make them look more awake especially having those sleepless nights with my 7month old teething baba :(.

Its amazing i cant believe how well it applies it does what the description says " glides on " you don't need to pencil it on again and again to get the colour stronger it melts on the exact colour with one stroke. The colour i got was in shade G02 which i think was the lightest, i think its great they do different shades for different skin tones.

The Results

Left eye with the liner, Right eye without

Both Eyes with the liner

As you can see from the top image my left eye looks a bit bigger from my right, and on the bottom image my eyes look really bright, wider and more awake .. just what i needed.
I do think that the UNE range looks pretty good as its specifically supposed to complement your skin tones with more natural colours, i would be interested to try more, have you tryed anything from this range? What would you recommend?

This was £6.99 from boots, they also have an offer on the UNE range (in boots) for a limited time which is spend £14 and get a free Breezy Cheeks blush Worth £8.99
So get in there quick my friends

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Revlon Lipstick- Smoked Peach

Hello lovely people, Hope you had a good weekend, mine was great it was my Nana's birthday bash on the Saturday and we had the family down from all over, so it was lovely to see them all again.
For the Party i wore a little black dress and a leather jacket to make it a bit more edgy and these amazing heels that where coral, black and beige.
As i was in black i wanted to add pops of colour to my outfit so i thought to co-ordinate a coral/peach lipstick with the coral on my shoes.So Saturday morning i went out to find the perfect shade and i picked up...Revlon Lipstick in Smoked Peach 013-(matte finish)

I'm not sure if the packaging to the Revlon lipsticks have been updated, but i cant remember them having a clear window at the top of the lid, which is a nifty idea so when they are being stored you can easily pick out a colour 

The top of the lipstick lid with a clear window

I Swatched this lipstick tester in Boots and loved the colour and then realised they didn't have any left, gutted. so i went to Superdrug and found they had one left...phew..
Must be a popular shade, and i know why because its so flattering and a beautiful shade, its like an in between of a coral and a peach and its a matte finish which i also love (I'm kind of loving matte makeup at the moment) 

If you are not to keen on the matte finish of this but love the colour just put a gloss over the top. I'm kind of obsessed at the moment with peachy coloured makeup i just think its very complexion lifting.
For some reason here it looks a teeny bit glossy but here it is on the lips

I would even go as far by saying this is my new favourite lipstick at the moment, it lasts about 3 hours on the lips obviously less after eating and drinking, also if you don't want your lips to vibrant you can lightly press it on your lips just for a little colour!

So if anyone's looking for a lovely peachy coral shade Revlon's Smoked Peach is it! It applies easily and doesn't dry out your lips either. You can get this beauty here (link)

OH and here's a peek of the shoes i wore from Newlook..

What do you think? Whats your Favourite Revlon Lipstick?

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New Hair.

Hello lovey's hope you all had a lovely valentines day yesterday, i did my fiance actually treated me like a princess it was amazing, (it was also our anniversary), he bought me the most beautiful prezzie EVER,(I've had my eye on this for ages), then when he finished work he got me a lovely rose and cooked a delicious meal,

I still cant believe what he got me .. A Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch i feel like such a lucky girl,

So my regular readers know on Saturday i got my hair cut, i did a post asking you guys for a bit of hair help.
I thought id show you what i decided to get done, This cut was created at Toni & Guy salon.

It was my first time getting my hair cut at Toni & Guy, and i really enjoyed it. I wasn't to sure on what cut i wanted i just knew i wanted a bit more of a fringe and my ends cut a bit as I'm trying to grow it, just so it looks a little healthier, and the hair stylist took what i wanted on board and said to cut more of a side fringe in then if i like that i could go for a fuller one next time to get used to it, and i really loved the out come, I shall defiantly be returning to Toni & Guy Salon maby even for a colour.
So thank you all you kind people for commenting on my Hair Help post it was very helpful.

What do you think? any suggestions for a new colour? and how was your valentines?

Thanks for reading

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hair Saviour #3

Hello lovely's,eep 41 followers now, i know to some its not many but when i first started my blog it was like i was talking to myself a bit, now it gives me more reason to blog and it strared of so slowly i never thought id have this many so thank you all !!!
So this is the 3/3 of my hair saviours and its the...

Tangle Teezer
I bought this as i thought it may help in the process of growing my hair as i have read that i doesn't pull at your hair if you have tangles and rip them out and that its very gentle.

My thoughts
When i used this i was like "oh it don't really feel like its doing anything" probably because the teeth on it are plastic and rather short compared to a typical brush, it wasn't pulling at my hair, it felt completely comfortable to use and it actually works really well to smooth out your hair and it was totally fuss free.
I do think that this specific brush would be great for when my sister was younger, she had really long and curly hair and hated having her hair brushed so if this was out back then, then this would have been a life saver for my mum.

The design of this brush is the way it is so it fits snugly into the palm of your hand, when i first looked at the tangle teezer i thought it looked a little like a dog brush, but don't let this put you off :) but i think this way it gives you more control.
This is a dog brush ( see why i thought this haha??)

There are so many colours of the tangle teezer, i have it in bubblegum pink, there are ones especially for your bag and ones especially for children (great for little sisters who hate having their hair brushed).

Overall i really like this i use this mostly when my hairs just been washed as I'm not going to damage it as much as i would with a "normal brush", Ive been using this now for over a month and i really like it my hair seems much fuller and i find less hairs in the brush after use which is kinda proof.
Do you own a Tangle Teezer? would you consider one?
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hair Saviour #2

Hello lovely people, hope your all well.
Here is the next Hair Saviour of mine i would love to share with you all.

Moroccan Oil

I apologise in advance, as everyone seems to write about the very popular Moroccan oil.
But i am just listing a few reviews of my favourite hair products at the moment and this has made the grade.
I have read so much about this and it was all good things, so a product addict had to try it for my self, at the moment i have the smaller sized bottle just to see if i liked it and frankly i love it, so i will be re purchasing the larger size when i run out.
I know some people don't like the smell of this but personally i like it, its not to strongly scented but i can probably get a hint of vanilla from it.

As i have thick longish hair at the moment, it takes absolutely ages to dry maby even a day, (if i want to give my hair a rest from heat appliances) but since using this my hair is pretty much dry within 2-3 hours amazing!! And it makes your hair so soft and shiny, i defiantly know when i don't have this on my hair as it doesn't feel and look as nice.
This oil has a thick consistency aswell, but is very light once applied to hair, so be careful to not keep re applying.

It says to apply to wet hair, this is what i do (a pea size amount) but you can also use a teeny tiny amount of the oil to tame fly aways and to bring a glossy sheen to your hair.
Warning don't use too much or you could end up in a big greasy mess..
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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hair Saviour #1

Hey Lovelies, hope your all having a wonderful day. and thank you all for following my blog so far.

Most of my posts this week are mostly going to be hair related, I'm going to do individual posts on my favourite hair care products so far, i thought id share them with you because these specific items have totally transformed my hair.
My hair is naturally very thick and naturally curly and i did recently ombre my hair and bleach is used in that process which isnt good for your hair as we know, so my hair became very dry, unmanagable and dull, and these specific wonder products have done amazing things to the condition my hair. I am going to start of with...

Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment 

I was looking online at reviews of reconstructors and other hair treatments and Ive read alot of good things about the Joico K-Pak range so i thought id give this a bash.. and i love it, alot of people where mentioning the smell of this particular product as it smells like coconuts, but i have to say i get no whiff of coconut from this..more like a banana smell which is still nice and you are still left with a slight fragrance when the hair is dry.

I wouldn't say the consistency was really thick for a conditioning treatment, it was just similar to that of a *normal* conditioner. 

The directions read...
Apply to damp hair. Leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse.

The fist time i used it i followed those directions, i just felt like i wanted to keep it in my hair a bit longer so i used it as a mask 
What i did ..
I washed my hair as normal and then added this to the whole of my hair and slung a very sexy shower cap on......FIT... 
Yes this really is a shower cap, but unfortunately not mine
left it on for about 30 minutes and rinsed.

The Joico reconstructor really did reconstruct my hair, after it made my hair so soft, manageable, and really shiny and Ive been using it now for about 4 weeks twice a week and my hair even feels stronger and healthier.

I don't usually repurchase things as i like to see whats out there but i can honestly say i would repurchase this.
Its available from for £14.95, id defiantly recommend it to you if you suffer from similar hair problems that i do as it worked wonders for me.
Have you tryed any of the Joico range? Would you try this? let me know your thoughts id love to hear them.

Thanks for reading 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hair Help Please

Hello fellow bloggers, hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Its all lovely and white outside aswell as absolutely freezing, so i thought id stay inside with a mug of hot chocolate and my blog its much more appealing.
I'm booked into the hairdressers this weekend, for a much needed cut/restyle (a treat from my lovely mummy) .
But me being me I'm so indecisive i don't know what i want and keep changing my mind, so i need some help from my fellow bloggers.

I'm not sure if i want a fringe or not, i know they are going to be popular in the upcoming months and i do quite like them, it just what sort...full fringe, wispy, choppy, long, plus i don't want it to make me look like i have a fat head as i hear that a full fringe can on some people.
I do have a side sweeping fringe at the moment i just fancy a change, here is something I'm considering.
Picture 1

Picture 2
The Top one is a picture i had in my recent ELLE magazine and as soon as i looked at the front cover i loved her hair,(that you get a free soap and glory mascara in by the way) I did once have a *pob* like 4/5 years ago and now Ive grown my hair to just above my bust, and would like to keep the length its just hard to find new fresher cuts that will transform your look without taking any hair off i think.
I also ombre'd my hair last year and i loved it so i may have to do it again as i love the effect on picture 2 aswell as the textured look it has, 
I would love for my cut to look stylish yet effortless.

If anyone has any other suggestions I'm all ears, what do you think of these styles? fringe or no fringe? ombre or no ombre? I would appreciate any feed back...Thank you :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Calling all CHOCOLATE lovers---Bodyshop's Chocomania

Good morning my lovey's, hope your all having a great week.
So Yesterday i popped into town as you do, and as i passed the Bodyshop something was calling my name... Zoe come here, look at us... all chocolaty and lovely ... obviously i had to oblige, it was the Bodyshop's NEW Chocomania range.

 These people certainly know how to catch an eye or two, they had a great display in store which had a massive stand full of pure heaven chocolate scented Body Butters, shower gels, scrubs, soaps and gifts and all ranging from size AMAZING. I wanted the lot after i got a whiff of the chocolaty goodness, and i kid you not it smells just like chocolate. Ive had chocolaty smelling stuff before and it was just a hint of the smell coming through but this is the real deal. So as i couldn't make my mind up i went with this lovely heart shaped chocolate box which had a good few smaller sizes of the range inside.

 It looks like an expensive box of chocolates.. soo cutely packaged, perfect gift for valentines day aswell.
contents in the picture below.

                                             Inside the heart shaped tin is
  • 50ML Chocomania Body Butter
  • 50ML Chocomania Body Scrub
  • 10ML Chocomania Lip Butter
  • 60ML Chocomania Shower Gel

Body Butter

Shower Gel

Lip Butter

Body Scrub

Inside the body scrub pot
I wanted to show how rich and lovely the body scrub looks :)
The Body Butter is super moisturising and its supposed to hydrate you for up to 48 hrs the smell of chocolate lingers on your skin for ages too, i seriously can't stop smelling this stuff!!
Oh and just a tip if you are tempted to go and buy the chocomania range DON'T EAT THIS or be tempted to taste, wash your hands after using the creams because if you accidentally get a hint of this in your mouth its flippin awful!!...rank urghh
Luckily the lip butter isn't bad tasting its lovely, it was the body butter.

5 star customer service
Another thing i loved about the bodyshop is the customer service i received, this to me is super important as it makes your whole shopping experience that much better when the staff are happy and friendly, yesterday in the Bodyshop it was faultless, for example i have previously shopped there and a very happy shop assistant came up to me asking if i need any help (which is great) and was asking about my baby son while he was smiling at her in his pram, i go in there again and she remembers me and his name and it was like a month gap, i was so impressed, they are always lovely in there and it makes the customer want to go back thank you girls in the Bodyshop ( This sounds like the shop manager in me coming out haha).

As a bonus when i got to the till i got a "golden ticket" see the theme running here "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory" ... Very clever, i think you get this if you buy something from the chocomania range in store, and in mine entitled me to 50 percent off any item on their website with free delivery.. Bingo you Beauty. I think the tickets have a few different surprises in them.

You can check the range out at
Let me know what you think of this range? would you be tempted by the chocolaty goodness? what are your fave Bodyshop products?

Thanks for reading

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