Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wednesday purchases ...

Hey lovelys,hope your all well and having a good week, i just thought id share with you some of the bits i picked up from boots yesterday, they have so many cosmetics on offer in there it was so hard to choose i was in there ages, so i ended up coming away with these 3..

Loreal had an offer on which was buy one get one half price, so i bought the NEW loreal Super liner perfect slim and got the Resist & shine titanium nail polish which was half the price at three pound something, i got it in shade 735 ( they don't have cutesy names boo!! ) its a blackish bronzish goldish shimmery colour if that makes sense, you can probably see better in some nail close ups of it below. I also picked up the Batiste dry shampoo which is NEW out i don't usually like dry shampoos as most can make your hair go white if u don't really rub it in properly, but i had to get it because well ..... its CHERRY scented!!, i don't know about you but id love for my hair to have a cherry smell to it on- in- between- washes yom, at first its quite a talky smell but when that goes it leaves behind a nice fragrant cherry smell like cherry bakewells delicious!

This was about £2.99 for a biggish size, i just love the packaging aswel its a pastel blue can with Cherry's printed on it very cute !

Resist and shine nail polish in 735, loreal super liner in intense black

I do really quite like this nail polish, as i do prefer my darker colours especially in this time of the year, i do have a black one but i liked this for a bit of a twist and a bit more interest to the nail, Its a little different to a normal nail polish because you have to take the lid off the top to use the grippy bit on the end of the brush for better handling and gripping, its supposed to last up to 7 days but will see about saving the best till last the Super liner, and it defiantly is a super liner.

The top one is a normal liquid liner the bottom is the super liner perfect slim ..just to show how precise this liner is with a quick scribble.

Just a quick stroke of this across the eyelids and it was neat, even and a lovely pigmented black shade and dryed as soon as it was applied, I usually get in a right state applying liquid liner its either not even/ one eye looks better than the other or its just plain wobbly, and i could easily say that in my whole make up routine applying liquid liner takes the longest with constant taking it off and re applying then messing up the rest of my makeup :( bad times! id even skip liquid eyeliner because i couldn't be bothered with the hassle.
so you can imagine my astonishment when i used this, i love it so much already, it lasts ages and its a super skinny eyeliner pen so i don't get these horrible- too- thick- lines.
its so precise and totally fool proof for me.
If this sounds familiar and you get in the same ikky state with liner as i do this is the product for you. I cant stress enough how good it is! LOVE IT!
So my friends share with me your thoughts,
thanks for reading

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  1. I actually can't live without Batiste! I didn't know they did cherry flavour! Your blog design is so lovely x


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