Monday, 30 January 2012

Yes im "kind of" a MAC VIRGIN

Evening my lovely people!
Some people may foam at the mouth reading that title, i am weirdly embarrassed actually!
I have only owned 3 Mac lipsticks.. Saint germain, Lady gaga's viva la glam and Brave..
Oh dear! ...i know
All i hear is mac this mac that and i feel like I'm missing out on so much, so i am going to gradually try more bits from the VERY famous cosmetic line. Oh and if i may add i actually don't live near many mac counters so this is also a reason excuse.

To cut a long story short i went into a massive shopping centre at the weekend and came across a department store that had massive MAC written over the front of a window, so peered in and it was mobbed with makeup thirsty ladies, and for someone like me who is 
new ish to the brand ... it was a tad daunting.

I had a peek at the blushes (just wanted to go straight in and out) and came away with the Melba blush which was a Matte finish that i wanted! i would have liked to look around more but it was so busy, busy shops scare me (i go in and I'm like eek i need to get out of here and get all flustered).
Another thing that was confusing was the fact that all i could see was testers... well wheres the makeup to buy then? hmm I'll see what everyone else does.. oh they take it to the till and ask for that item, ritey oh i'll do that then :/.

So i know to maby go on a Sunday when its quieter ?? 
But i am very pleased to say i love my very first mac blush its so pretty! and has a lovely finish to it, its the best day time blush for me i love it and it makes me want more from mac now.

Here is my new baby   Mac Melba - matte finish

Top Swatch blended, Bottom Swatched
And here's The baby on - it's gorgeous..p.s please excuse the messy look i have going on in these pics, today was my chill day after a busy weekend.
The blush looks very natural, and i always steer more towards a coraly/peachy blush too  the best thing about it is the pigmentation and Matte finish just love it, i think this will last ages as i only need a little bit to get a lovley amount of colour and its such a true colour no pinky undertone.  just fab!

Wow look at that messy barnet :/

Well that is all my lovely people, 
And maby there is someone out there that can relate to me haha!
So come on ladies recomend me some MAC!...Pretty please 
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Thursday, 26 January 2012


Hey :), back again with another naily post.
I had to share with you a find i had, basically i spotted a friends nails a few months back and i loved the colour polish she had on so as you do i asked what colour's that its amazing?? it was CHANEL nail polish in Paradoxal.
The colour was so unique it was a grayish tone and in some lights it had hints of a lovely dusky purple in there too it is absolutely gorgeous.
I felt desperate to get this colour in my collection, but with a £17.50 price tag just for a bottle of nail polish was a bit hefty for me, so i went on a quest to find something as lovely and simular to that specific colour and I FOUND IT :) ... Its Barry M - Dusky mauve 313 at a price of only £2.99 BARGAINN!
They don't look very similar here but i can assure you they are, this has been my fave nail polish for a while i love it. Here's some pictures to show how different the polish looks in different lights.      
With flash looks more purpley

Without flash looks more grey

What do you think of this colour? sorry i dont have the chanel paradoxal to compare but its almost identical.
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Wednesday purchases ...

Hey lovelys,hope your all well and having a good week, i just thought id share with you some of the bits i picked up from boots yesterday, they have so many cosmetics on offer in there it was so hard to choose i was in there ages, so i ended up coming away with these 3..

Loreal had an offer on which was buy one get one half price, so i bought the NEW loreal Super liner perfect slim and got the Resist & shine titanium nail polish which was half the price at three pound something, i got it in shade 735 ( they don't have cutesy names boo!! ) its a blackish bronzish goldish shimmery colour if that makes sense, you can probably see better in some nail close ups of it below. I also picked up the Batiste dry shampoo which is NEW out i don't usually like dry shampoos as most can make your hair go white if u don't really rub it in properly, but i had to get it because well ..... its CHERRY scented!!, i don't know about you but id love for my hair to have a cherry smell to it on- in- between- washes yom, at first its quite a talky smell but when that goes it leaves behind a nice fragrant cherry smell like cherry bakewells delicious!

This was about £2.99 for a biggish size, i just love the packaging aswel its a pastel blue can with Cherry's printed on it very cute !

Resist and shine nail polish in 735, loreal super liner in intense black

I do really quite like this nail polish, as i do prefer my darker colours especially in this time of the year, i do have a black one but i liked this for a bit of a twist and a bit more interest to the nail, Its a little different to a normal nail polish because you have to take the lid off the top to use the grippy bit on the end of the brush for better handling and gripping, its supposed to last up to 7 days but will see about saving the best till last the Super liner, and it defiantly is a super liner.

The top one is a normal liquid liner the bottom is the super liner perfect slim ..just to show how precise this liner is with a quick scribble.

Just a quick stroke of this across the eyelids and it was neat, even and a lovely pigmented black shade and dryed as soon as it was applied, I usually get in a right state applying liquid liner its either not even/ one eye looks better than the other or its just plain wobbly, and i could easily say that in my whole make up routine applying liquid liner takes the longest with constant taking it off and re applying then messing up the rest of my makeup :( bad times! id even skip liquid eyeliner because i couldn't be bothered with the hassle.
so you can imagine my astonishment when i used this, i love it so much already, it lasts ages and its a super skinny eyeliner pen so i don't get these horrible- too- thick- lines.
its so precise and totally fool proof for me.
If this sounds familiar and you get in the same ikky state with liner as i do this is the product for you. I cant stress enough how good it is! LOVE IT!
So my friends share with me your thoughts,
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Monday, 23 January 2012

Lash Love...Ardell Demi Wispies

Hello my lovelys :), hope you all had a nice weekend!
I just wanted to show/talk about these eyelashes that i absolutely love at the moment.. The Ardell Demi Wispies. I used to wear false eyelashes every day but now i can take em or leave em, but a month back i bought the Demi Wispies from boots (recently repurchased) and these are my absolute faves now, i used to always wear the Girls Aloud Eylure ones but now I'm all for these.

They are £5.20 at boots which i thinks rather reasonable as they last ages without looking tatty.
These lashes come with a small squeezy tube (which i think is the only let down) because i prefer the files of eye lash glue as they are better stored and reused, and another down side is that its white glue thats included i think clears better personally,
They come with a plastic little case that you can store these lashes in too which is a bonus.

These eyelashes may look a little "out there" in the box but when applied i think they can look natural enough for every day, they feel really light aswell like you have none on.
The best thing about these baby's are the shape and messiness style to them, they give you a kind of wide eyed Bambi look with a slight exotic look as they fan out lovely at the outer corner of the eye. 

In this picture (above) of my eye you can see the lovely style these lashes have and how much they open up your eyes.

They are very versatile for any look you want to achieve.
Have you tryed any Ardell lashes? what are your faves?

p.s to all of you who have commented me and following me on my blog it means alot, and reading all your lovely comments makes my day. Thanks so much :)

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Review- Dainty Doll

Hey girlies, hope your all well,
So Dainty Doll was created by Nicola Roberts, previously in Girls Aloud but now a solo singer.
Nicola designed this range after finding makeup was always to dark for her pale porcelain skin tone so decided to launch her own cosmetic brand called Dainty Doll after finding that there wasn't much of a market out there specifically for ladies with paler skin tones like herself. But she did seem to get alot of stick about being pale so famously always tanned to supposedly fit in with the other band members of GA.

I'm not too pale but certain ivory foundations can be still to dark and Orange for my skin tone so i always go back to loreal true match foundation in w1 which is golden ivory.
But anyhow i was passing the Dainty Doll range in Boots before Christmas and was curious about the sades on offer so had a browse and came across the blushers (i have a slight obsession with blush) 

She did seem to get alot of stick about being pale so famously always tanned to supposedly fit in with the other band members of GA, 

Here is a good example of this and when she later decided to embrace her beautiful natural pale skin... its good to be different! and work with what you have.

Isn't the natural look so much better! before i think her look was rather tacky, but now she looks stunning shes ditched the fake tan, and bought her red locks back, i think Nicola's inspiring to people that feel like they don't feel fit in somewhere because of their looks.Just go with what you have and enhance your natural beautiful selves don't change for other people or just to fit in.
Nicola Roberts has made me not want to fake tan as much as before because pale can be beautiful and thanks to her Dainty Doll range you can enhance your natural pale skin with ease :) and look beautiful..

I bought 003 Money Talks Blusher/Bronzer and 002 Saucy Sailor lipstick

The packaging - I really liked the outer packaging, its in a nice sleek black box with Dainty Doll written down the side in gold lettering then Nicola Roberts under that, and opposite to that is a 'vintage cartoon like' picture of a red haired pale lady looking all glamorous.
then the casing itself is a lovely black smooth plastic with Gold Dainty doll written on them they have an 'expensive look' to them, the blusher includes a decent sized rounded mirror as well, as for the lipstick.. when open the rim of the lipstick casing is a gold metal which looks lovely too.

The contents 
003 Money talks blusher/bronzer

Money Talks swatch
I love this product when i swatched this colour in Boots i fell in love, its a bronze colour but too subtle to be an actual bronzer, to me its the perfect contour it add great definition to your cheekbones, or it gives a lovely fresh faced glowy look as a blusher when applied to cheeks, to me this isn't just for the really pale skinned as I'm not 'that' pale it work's just fine for me, the colours a slightly shimmery taupe/bronze colour ( its quite hard to describe but its lovely!) id recommend you swatch this if you pass it in the shops.

002 Saucy Sailor Lipstick

This lipstick is a beautiful classic red colour, its very pigmented and needs to be applied with a steady hand like most red lippies, i got this because i needed a red lipstick added to my collection and i thought this shade of red was perfect as I'm quite fussy with reds, id say it lasts about 2 hours on the lips but when the colour fades it gives you a nice just bitten pout. 
I do feel like when i wear this i have to be having a 'brave day' as it brings alot of attention to your face.

Overall i think i would defiantly repurchase the Blusher and id love to try some more from this range, have you tryed any? if so id love some recommendations, 
Hope this has been helpful to people wanting to maby buy some of this line. 
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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Whats inside my make-up bag (my faves at the mo)

Hey Beauties, i havnt done a post in a few weeks, been awfully busy after the christmas period, but i shall blog more often now as i have lots to write about :)! hope you all had a lovely christmas/new year, mine was brilliant spent with all the family and it was my babys first christmas too so it made it that more special, allthough he was more interested in the wrapping paper than the prezzies :D... it was still lovely. hes growing up so fast.
My lovely fiance treated me to some pink orchid ghd's and some lovely beads to go on to my pandora bracelet, and from the rest of the family i got a bottle of my favourite perfume miss dior cherie, a load of smellys they know me well! im very grateful :)

So whats inside my makeup bag! 
I use these selected make up items most of all, not all at once may i add.

 Too Faced makeup bag from the wild set

 The contents... Topshop lipstick-nevada, Lush bubblegum lip scrub, Loreal studio secrets-smoothing resurfacing primer, Lancome Hypnose doll eyes mascara - 01 SO BLACK!, Mac lustre drops - pink rebel, Loreal super liner- silver/black, Bourjois kabuki brush, Sleek brow kit - Dark #818,  Topshop eye crayon - equinox, Soap and Glory Trick and treatment concealer, Loreal true match foundation - W1 Golden Ivory, Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer, Lancome le crayon khol - noir, Nars blush - Orgasm, Ferne cotton double brush - blush and contour, Dainty doll blush/bronzer - 003 Money talks.

Topshop lipstick-nevada, Dainty Doll blusher- 003money talks
Close up of Dainty Doll - 003Money Talks    Close up of topshop lipstick -Nevada

I will do a review on Dainty Doll - Money talks blusher on a later date that's more in depth, just because i love this blush/bronzer soo much! its a gorgeous light bronze with a light pearlized shimmer to it , i mainly use this as a contour it works great! looks so natural and healthy looking when applied, when you next pass any Dainty Doll Cosmetics in Boots or anywhere else i suggest you swatch this its a beautiful colour, the packaging is so lovely and sleek looking too!. The Topshop lipstick in nevada is a lovely nude colour but you have to be kinda light handed with it as you don't want to look like u have that horrible foundation look lips going on, i know some girls like that but :/ ..not for me.

 Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara

 Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara and its lovely wand
I have 2 favourite mascaras Lancome Hypnose and Lancome Doll Eyes, i love the wand on this one as it catches every eye lash and fans them all out perfectly, you can also build up how full you want your lashes which is good, my first Lancome mascara was Hypnose when that was used up i bought a cheaper branded one that i used to use but it just didnt compare so went back to trusty Lancome.

Nars blusher - Orgasm
Nars Blusher - Orgasm
Nars orgasm blush its the first nars thing i have bought its the most popular shade and i wanted to see what the hype was, and wow... its probally the best blusher ive ever used its a gorgeous colour pinky peach with fine gold flecks of shimmer it gives such a healthy glow to your face and is just perfect, i now really want to try more nars things! if anyones got any recomendations please comment :) i know id love to try one of their multiple's love it!!

Whats your all time fave make-up products? have you tryed any of these? what are your thoughts :)
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