Monday, 5 November 2012

Calling All Nail Polish Addicts!

Hello Lovelies just a quick post, 
I just wanted all my lovely followers to know i have created a new blog especially dedicated to my obsession of all things nail related, i would love it if you headed on over to have a peek :)  LINK
My first post is a review on the new MUA Nail Constellation.

I would love to hear from you!
Love zoe x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

How To- Cath Kidston Inspired Nail Art

Hello Lovelies, hope your having a great week!
I have decided to post a long awaited nail art how to as alot of people asked me to do one from this post link and the fact its my most "liked" picture on my instagram @zoelou_

This one i have for you today is pretty similar because they are both flowery so you can kinda use the same technique , with this one i have just gone for a more Cath Kidston inspired floral pattern.

Products used Nail Polishes...
Maybelline express manicure base coat and top coat, Nails Inc Instyle peach sorbet, Maybelline Forever strong porcelain pink, O.P.I Pink Flamenco, Models Own snow white, Models Own utopia, Rimmel Black cab, Bellapierre neon green, Essie Absolutely shore.
Boots 4 way nail file, Burt's Bees cuticle cream, 1 Kirby grip (you'll see), Loccitane hand cream, Models own nail art pen (only used for brush)

Now i know this looks like alot of polish to use but its purely because i mixed a few together to make a certain shade, aswell you will need a plastic tray or pot of some sort to put your paint on i used an old plastic tray i got some false nails in to use.

Step 1.
Just do your basic nail polish routine, mine is to file and buff to make my nail beds smoother so the polish goes on well and lasts longer then i use cuticle cream.
Then you apply your top coat.

Step 2.
You can do these any base colours you like really, personally i think pastel is better because it makes them more girly :).
I used Nails inc Instyle peach sorbet on my thumbs and pinkys, then Essie absolutely shore on my fore finger and ring finger and Models own on my middle finger. Now wait to dry.

Step 3.
I don't own a dotting tool :( so i used a make shift one by using the little ball bit on the end of a bent Kirby grip i dipped it in Models Own snow white and dotted it on my pinky fingers trying to keep the dots even by using the same amount of pressure on each dot (more pressure bigger the dot).

Step 4.
Next is the fore finger stripes i used my models own nail art pen purely for the brush i just cleaned the brush in nail polish remover (good tip if you don't want to splash out on loads of different nail art pens) i dipped the brush in Models Own snow white and put 3 stripes down my nail then another 3 with the colour Nails inc peach sorbet.

Step 5.
Down the middle fingers i used my Models Own snow white and painted on a medium size white stripe and then used the nail art brush to do a thin wiggly pattern each side of the stripe so it looks almost lacey.

Step 6.
On the thumbs i did a few small random cloud looking patterns in Models Own snow white with the tip of the Kirby grip dotting it around in that shape to have more control than you would a brush.
Then around those cloud patterns i used the same paint and Kirby grip to do the tiny dots.
(make sure you clean your grip in nail polish remover before you use another colour).

Step 7.
The Roses
To do the roses i put a little light pink (maybelline porcelain pink) and a fuchsia pink (OPI pink flamenco) and mixed a bit of that colour together (make sure you leave a bit of those colours un-mixed) 
I then dabbed my Kirby grip in the mixed pink paint and did some small dots joined together in un-perfect circles in the middle of that i added the fuchsia pink and dotted some lighter pink in there too to give the rose effect to it.

The Leaves
I didn't have a leafy looking green so i did some mixing to get mine but all you need to do is use the Kirby grip to make some tiny green leafs next to your roses (make it random).

You can do step 7 on your thumb finger in the centre of the cloud shapes, middle finger down the centre white stripe and on your ring finger if you want it like mine or you can mix it up and do something different.

Step 8.
Wait to dry and apply topcoat to make it all lovely and shiny.. oh and most importantly to protect your hard work :)

I hope this helps to achieve this look its pretty hard to describe how to do it with words but i hope it makes sense, if you do try this look or your own take i would love to see it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my nail art so pop me a comment.

Thanks for reading
Love Zoe x

Monday, 15 October 2012

L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil For Coloured Hair (Review)

Hello lovelies! hope you all had a lovely weekend.
This week I'm back on the blogging so you will see more posts from me now, it feels pretty good to be back on it, i have missed your blogs and all your lovely comments.
To kick things off again I'm starting with my new found love which is the L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil.

I know this product is not such a new thing now but i only discovered this a few weeks ago and i absoloutely love it! i have used morrocan oil before and i loved that too but the price put me off a bit so i was on a mission to find another hair oil i got this one and the VO5 miricial concentrate, and in my opinion i found the loreal one to be far better.
The bottle looks lovely and expensive aswell as its clear glass with a burgandy pump lid (being a magpie that i am this obviously catched my eye...ooh shiny!) 

This product makes my hair feel so healthy and its gave a lovely shine i was amazed! i knew it was the hair oil doing the trick purely because when i washed my hair once i forgot to apply the hair oil and my hair felt and looked totally different not in a good way.
The only thing that put me off this hair oil is the smell...its VERY strong smelling in the bottle but strangely once in the hair it smells nice.

About the product-what it states
The Extraordinary oil can be used in 3 different ways..
~ Before shampoo for extra colour protection
~ Before Styling to protect and transform your hair
~ Or as a finishing touch for softness and luminous colour

If you cant read the text on the bottle it states "A precious blend of 6 flower extracts with nourishing properties for luminous colour and sumptuous softness" sounds very appealing doesn't it :)

How i use the product 
I apply 2 pumps of the hair oil after washing my hair, straight onto my lengths and ends while wet then style as normal, i have not tried this in the other ways as of yet but i would only choose one step at a time because you do not want oil overload on your 
barnets! greasy hair not a good look.

I was expecting this product to be thicker like the Moroccan oil i guess, but it is rather runny (just so you expect this if you are buying) 

For a "drug store" hair oil it can be rather pricey at £9.99 you can buy this here
But you do get 100ml of product which makes it worth it as it will last you a long time.

Have you tried the L'oreal Extraordinary Oil? What are your thoughts? Whats your faveourite hair oil?

Thanks for reading 
Love Zoe x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I'm back :)

Hello lovelys, I have to admit I have had a little break with the blogging as you can probably tell, but I'm back on the ball now :) I have lots of new things to show and tell one of them being I have new hair again! I cut my own fringe how daring :0 x

And I'm also happy to announce I'm pregnant 22weeks to be exact.
I'm happy to be back on the blogging I've missed it hope you have all been well can't wait to hear from you Zoe x

Friday, 25 May 2012

Girly, Summery Nail Art (Tutorial?)

Hello Lovelies :) yet another post about nail art.
I did this the other day, i bought some cute pyjama shorts and i just loved the design on them and thought it would look cute as a pattern on my nail, here's how it turned out.

It was quite easy to do once i had the hang of doing the pattern, when i wore this i had lots of people comment on my nails asking where i got them done as they look professional, then when i said i did them they asked if i did it as a living which was lovely but unfortunately not.
I thought i would see if anyone's interested in how to do this before i post up a full tutorial on how to create the look :)  so if you are let me know in the comment box below, Thank you.

In Love With Lancome's Rouge In Love Lipsticks (Swatches and Review)

Hello Lovelies, hope your all well and making the most of the lovely weather we are having in the UK i know i am :).
I don't know about you but when the sun comes out i love to wear a good bright lippie!
I was in Boots the other day and browsed the Lancome counter and the lovely sales lady asked me if i would like to try the new Rouge In Love lipsticks i was eyeing up, so obviously i did..and it was love ..maby that's why they called it Rouge In Love? i don't know.haha.

But they are flippin fantastic, AMAZING, if you love bright lippies i suggest you look at them they have the most gorgeous colours! i have my eye on a few more such as shade 381B which is a lovely purple/fuchsia which is a really unique colour too.

The shade i chose was 340B - Rose Boudoir and its such a gorgeous colour i have alot of lipsticks but no shade like this .

The casing for the lipstick its adorable, its a real unique design in a hard metal casing which is very sturdy, it has a little plate on the front with "Rouge In Love" inscribed in red on it, the end of the lipstick stated what shade it is (340B), but only the box has the name of the shade on it.

This is a big statement but i would easily say this is the best lipstick i own, it has amazing staying power around 5-6 hours, brilliant pigmentation which leaves a lovely stain on your lips when worn off, a lovely finish and the most AMAZING colours, i really urge you to check these out if you love these kind of lipsticks, they are quite expensive at £21 but i think they are totally worth it as it lasts so long on your lips.

The Colour i chose (340B - Rose Boudoir) is a lovely bright Fuchsia/coral it will look great in the summer months, as i said before i don't own another shade like this, with most of my lipsticks i can find a similar sort of shade in my collection but not with this, as for the finish its got a slight sheen to it but nothing crazy.

Me wearing the Lancome Rouge in Love 340B
It is a bit brighter than this in real life i couldn't quite pick it up with my camera, but when you next pass a Lancome Counter give it a swatch :).
Also check out their nail polishes on the range they are just as beautiful.

What do you think of the Rouge In Love Lipsticks? Would you Consider giving one a whirl? Whats your to-go-to summer lipstick?

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 17 May 2012

MUA Lip Boom -OMG (Swatches and Review)

Hello Lovelies,
MUA is a really great value cosmetics line exclusively sold in Superdrug stores, I must admit i did have a bit of snobbery about the brand as i was a bit like urgh well its so cheap its going to be naff..wrong Zoe ! i was pleasantly surprised. The First thing i bought from the brand was the Heaven and Earth eyeshadow pallet and i loved using it and thought the quality was good for the price.
I have heard a bit about the new Lip Booms as MUA designed them with the Xfactor Star Alexandra Burke, so when i was in superdrug last i decided to get myself one i picked it  up in the shade OMG this shade stuck out the most for me i just loved the pinky coral colour its just beautiful on especially in summer with a tan!

I cant believe how much i actually like wearing this it even has a half decent smell to it kind of a vanilla / caramel smell ..again as it was so cheap i thought it would smell like plastic and little girls makeup .. never judge a book by its cover Zoe!
With the Lip Boom it is a 4 in 1 product and it states that you can use it in the following ways
  • Lipstick alone for a matte look
  • Lipstick with the highlighter applied to the centre of the lips for a full volume illusion
  • Lipstick with highlighter all over for a glossy look
  • The highlighter alone for a sheer pearl finish

L-R Lipstick, Highlighter and a single pot of the lipstick (this was on the end of the lipstick not sure why, no good to put in your bag on its on as it has no lid)

Here it is on

In a room with natural Light T-B Lipstick with highlighter, Lipstick, Highlighter

Normal light T-B lipstick with highlighter, Lipstick , Highlighter

 Personally i don't really like wearing lip glosses i prefer lipsticks, but if i was changing this look from day to night i would add the highlighter to the middle of my lips maby for a fuller effect, but with out a doubt the lipstick is the best bit about this product as i found the highlighter to be a bit gritty on my lips :(.

The Lipstick glides on smoothly and lasts a good few hours too I'm now considering trying another shade, recommendations anyone?
They are £3 each which is fab and you can get them in 7 more shades too.

Which colour will you be picking up? what do you think of MUA /Lip Booms?

Thanks For Reading :)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Laine Blogger Award

Hello Lovelies,
I have recently been Awarded with the Laine Blogger Award by the ever so lovely Natalie from Natalie vs Beauty link she's such a lovely lady and her blogs fab check it out! Thanks so much Natalie it means alot that you like reading my blog :).

The Laine Blogger Award:
1: Link back to he blogger who awarded you
2: Blog about your award
3: Give the award to 5 bloggers and let them know
So the bloggers i award are:
Congratulations ladies, I love your blogs keep up the great work! 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

April Favourite's

Hello Lovelies! I know April faves ..a bit of a late post but better late than never eh?
I started my favourite post last month so i think i shall carry it on as it seemed to go down well.

     The products i have been loving in April are..
    • Essie Nail Polishes
    • John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner
    • Arbonne Vanilla Amber Body Wash and Body Lotion
    • Blistex Intensive Moisturiser
    Essie Nail Polish
    This is like an obsession of mine, i cannot stop buying the stuff! i started off with 1 now i have 11 and i still want more i just want to collect the whole range, just because they have the most beautiful shades and its hard to just choose a few. The formular is great, it drys pretty quick, staying power is great like 3/4 days and the colours avalable are AH MAZING!
    Essie have recently launched in the bigger Boots and Superdrug stores now too and they are a little cheaper at £7.99 instead of being around £10 and they also have a nicer wider brush for better application ..BONUS!
    Whats your favourite Essie Colour?

    John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner
    I got this a few weeks back and i use this between 1-2 times a week and its brilliant, i would even say that its probably even better than the Joico K-Pak Reconstructer and that's saying something as that was my all time fave hair treatment!
    Its quite a thinner consistency than most, and it smells lush.

    Arbonne Vanilla Amber Body Wash and Body Lotion 
    I got this as a present for Christmas and i have just started using it as i had to finish everything else i had on the go, i was dying to use it as its right up my street i just love vanilla fragranced products.
    All i can say about this range is WOW i adore this! it smells fantastic like vanilla and Caramel, i literally cant stop smelling it.
    The Body Wash is lovely and gives just the right amount of lather and the Body Lotion just melts into the skin, its so light. Arbonne Website - Link
    I have not seen to many reviews on the Arbonne as a brand, so if you would like more of a review of this let me know in the comment box :) they are a great brand.

    Blistex Intensive Moisturiser
    I have been loving using this it has made my lips really soft and smooth, as the weather has been pretty naff its kinda taken its toll on my lips a bit and made them a bit dry, i wanted something that would really help and that i could feel the benefit straight away and this has worked wonders. I will always repurchase this now and its pretty cheap and easy to get hold of it.

    What products have you been loving recently? Have you used any of these? What do you think, i would love to hear your thoughts.  

    Thanks for reading

    Tuesday, 8 May 2012

    Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser - Review

    Hello Lovelies :),
    Hope your all well, today i want to talk about the Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser, as my loyal followers may know from a previous post i have suffered a bit from bad break outs recently, so i needed to step up my skincare routine a bit as i got a little lazy with it. 
    I started off reviewing the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish here  this helped alot but i also started using a different toner and moisturiser.
    I thought i would share these skincare help posts with you as i know some people struggle to find skincare items that help problem prone skin like i did so i will show you what works for me.
    The Freederm range is specifically to help fight spots they have a lot more in the range from exfoliants to on-the-spot gels, but i needed a moisturiser so i opted for the Perfecting Moisturiser. 
    This product states- Fast, effective & long-lasting hydration. Helps to reduce spots.

    I really need to find something that would help with any spots i had and to prevent any from coming back, i have been using this for a little over a week now and its really doing the trick!
    The product comes in a 50 ml sized pump (i love products that come in a pump easy to use and less wastage) one pump is plenty for your whole face,

    I was rather surprised at the texture of this moisturiser because i was expecting it to be quite thick and creamy, but its really light almost like a serum.
    This doesn't have the nicest smell, but if you can overlook it its a really good product.

    Pumped onto skin
    Rubbed in lightly
    Another good point for me is that it's 100% oil free because i can sometimes get quite a oily tzone and that would just make things worse, the product is lovely and light to use and sinks in the skin really quick.
    Since i have been using this morning and night my skin has cleared up lovely and i have had no problems with breakouts which is amazing and very rare for me, its also made my face lovely and soft.
    Its not a bad price either at £6.99 at the moment its on offer in boots to save a third at £4.33 here 
    So i suggest if your thinking of buying get it while its on this offer and save yourself some pennies :)

    Have you got any recommendations for me :)? Have you tried any of the Freederm range? 

    Thanks For Reading.

    Friday, 4 May 2012

    Magazine Freebies - L'Occitane and Nails Inc

    Hello lovelies,
    Hope your all having a great week, i just thought i would share some good magazine freebies i recently got with you, after all who doesn't love a good freebie?
    The 2 magazines i picked up where, Glamour and InStyle.

    With this months Glamour Magazine (i think its only in a WHS store) you get a free L'Occitane Skin care product either a Cleanser, Toner or Moisturiser and 25% off at Warehouse for every reader.

    I picked up the one with the Face Toner.

    The L'Occitane Face toner is 50ml in size which i would class as a luxury sample, i have been using this for about 3 days now and i do enjoy using it, it really perks your skin up and gets rid of any left over makeup after cleansing, it has a very fresh fragrance like citrus fruits and fresh cut grass, great to wake you up in the morning.
    I needed a new face toner so when this runs out i may buy one, but i do have my eye on getting the Caudalie Beauty Elixir as well..hmm..

    Next up is InStyle Magazine with a free Nails Inc Nail Polish.
    There are 3 really lovely spring colours to choose from Bluebell, Powder Pink (i think its called) and Peach Sorbet.
    I Chose the one that included Peach Sorbet 

    This was taken in a darkly lit room

    Taken in Natural daylight

    I absolutely love love love this colour, i don't own a peachy nail colour either that's why i mainly chose this one, but its such a beautiful shade its a pastel pinky peach and looks lovely against my skin tone, it applied really well, 2 coats was ample and it dryed pretty fast too.
    I'm really impressed with this i may even collect the other 2 colours :) if your a polish fan i would really recommend you but this months InStyle Magazine to get the free Nails Inc polish, and these polishes are worth £11 each and the mag is £3.80 ..Bingoo you beautee what a great freebie!

    And for a heads up in next moths InStyle they are giving away free Bodyshop Big and Curvy Mascara or 2 Eye Liners in Black and French Navy...ohh lala..on sale 31st May 

    Will you be getting any of these?
    Thanks For Reading

    Thursday, 3 May 2012

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin

    Zoelou and The Beauty Blog is now on Bloglovin, im just starting off so im not quite sure how it works as of such :/ so im going to have a little fiddle with it now, would anyone care to let me know how this works? i decided to get it just because i have seen soo many blogs with the Bloglovin symbol on it and decided to check it out, was rater curious.
    Thank you for reading :)

    Wednesday, 2 May 2012

    Topshop Nail Polish - Cosmic Karma

    Hello lovelies :),
    Hope your all having a good week, I have been blogging more than usual this week as the weather has been so pants and on days like that i love nothing more than to sit on my computer blogging with a nice cup of coffee and a warm blanket (yes i am only 23 i swear)i just love the cosy feeling :).
    Yesterday Morning i decided to paint my nails, i usually opt for a bright colour but i decided to go for Topshops Nail Polish in Cosmic Karma.


    I Bought this a few weeks ago i was attracted to this specific colour just because i didn't own any other like it and i thought it would make a nice change to my usual bright ones i wear.

    Its actually not that bright, just looks like it on this photo

    This was the first time i have purchased a Topshop nail polish, and they do seem very popular in the blogging world, but i am sad to say i actually wasn't impressed, and i really wanted to like them as they have so many lovely colours to offer.
    It did apply okay 2 coats was enough of colour for me, im not too keen on the brush its a bit too stumpy but i could cope with it, the annoying thing about it was that about 3 hours after painting them they started to chip quite rapidly even with a top coat of Seche Vite!! thats also without doing any household chores! i was really disappointed as i love the colour, it wasn't on the cheap side either as it was about £6 so i did expect a little better seen as good ol Barry M ones last alot longer and at half the price.
    By the end of today my nails looked a state :( so i applied my trusty Essie nail polish (slightly obsessed) which lasts a good 3-4 days.
    I'm not sure if it was just the colour i chose which was bad, or if i was unlucky and got a dodgy one, i really want more but I'm just put off now, can someone restore my faith in Topshop Nail polish? or have you experienced the same?

    Thanks for reading 

    Tuesday, 1 May 2012

    Wow Another Award - The Sunshine Award

    I was so happy yesterday to see i was lucky enough to win another award :)Thank you so much to Natalie vs Beauty! for awarding me the Sunshine Award, it really means alot that people seem to be enjoying my blog, you should defiantly check out her blog its great! and she seems like such a lovely down-to-earth girl, so thanks again lovely :)

    1) Each tagged person must post five to ten things about themselves.
    2)You have to choose and tag 5 people.
    3) Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them
    So here are a few things about me..
    •  I have a gorgeous baby son (9mths) called Alfie, hes my absolute WORLD! 
    •  I'm Engaged to a lovely man called Nick who i love very much
    •  I can secretly sing quite well, i just hate singing in front of people
    •  I find Astronomy really interesting
    •  I believe you should treat people how you expect to be treated
    •  I LOVE love love makeup and anything beauty related (hence the blog)
    •  I really enjoy making cakes for people....Cake anyone?
    •  I cannot live without coffee
    •  I adore listening to good old 80's 90's indie music like Stone Roses, The Verve and  Starsailor who are my Favourite Band (lead singer has gone solo now - James Walsh ) if you dont know who they are check them out! He has an AMAZING voice .
     The Lovely blogs i now give the Sunshine Award to are...
     I love these Blogs :) and i hope you enjoy reading them as much as i do!

    Monday, 30 April 2012

    Liebster Award!

    A Massive thank you to A Litte Lacey for awarding me with the Liebster Award, i was so chuffed this morning to see i had won my first blog actually made my day!Its nice to have your hard work appreciated.
    The Liebster Award is for up-and-coming blogs that have 200 or less followers. When awarded you are tagged to nominate 5 blogs that you like and think deserve it, then send them a comment to let them know they have won.
    Here are the blogs i love reading, and i nominate them for the Liebster Award!!
    Take a look at the blogs listed above i think they are fab i hope you do too :) 

    Saturday, 28 April 2012

    Its True ...Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish is Amazing!

    Hello Lovelies,
    Hope you have had a great week. I know you may have seen alot of Liz Earle reviews floating around lots of different blogs, but this is my take on the Ever so Famous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

    I have seen so many reviews of this particular product and not one had a bad thing to say about it! some even branding it as their Holy Grail Product, and the more i read the more i wanted to try it and see for myself.
    So about 3 months ago i was in a John Lewis store (not local to me) and spotted a Liz Earle counter and knew i just get my hands on a Cleanse and polish.

    I walked to the counter and the sales lady was really lovely (which to me is a great first impression on the brand) she then asked if she could help me with anything, so i asked her if i could have a cleanse and polish, she asked if it was the first time i have used it and if i would like to give it a quick try (on my hand, may i add), the lady explained how to use it and all you need is 2 pumps of product 2 times a day will last you a month.

    I didn't want to post about this product straight away as i wanted to give it some time to see how i actually felt about the product but yea...its love and now my HOLY GRAIL! and having a HG item is a first for me as i like to try whats out there. (No wonder why its won so many awards)

    My skin looked lovely after a week or so using this i had friends asking me what i used on my skin, so it must be good for people to notice.. one of my friends Leanne from Lammy Loves said how good it looked and she was saying how desperate she was for finding something to help her skin as she was having a rough time with it, i had a weeks sample of Cleanse and polish so gave her that and she's now a convert!

    2 weeks ago i ran out of Cleanse and Polish so i started using something else until i could restock as no where near me sells it :( and my skin went bad again i was desperate to get my hands on more so i made an order online link 
    It should be here by Monday fingers crossed, i was browsing the site for more things to try i was thinking about the moisturiser and toner.

    If you are thinking of trying this i would go for it! On the Liz Earle website you can order a Try me sized one with a muslin cloth for £5.50. 

    Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts? Do you have a Holy Grail Item?
    Thanks for reading :)

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