Monday, 5 December 2011

My Bargain-licious weekend

Bonjour :), hope you all had a lovely weekend, this weekend i hit the shops as usual but to start my Christmas shopping. I came across these beauts i just had to treat myself they where a complete bargain and i have to share these with you all.
After all Christmas shopping can be rather stressful so i thought i deserved it (What?? its an excuse ;) )
Firstly i was browsing in Topshop and came across the jewelry and they had some on sale, so here's what i got.
L-R ..Ring £10.00 £1.50, fabric paisley bracelet £5.00 £1.50,
Burgundy knot headband £7.50 £1.50, Spike earrings £8.50 £1.50.
So normally that would be £24 and cost me £6 love a good sale, Then i went to Tkmaxx i don't usually shop there but all the quirky Christmas gifts enticed me in then boom i spotted this at the hair section, last one left...had to buy..
£19.99 for all of this i was in awe, ive always wanted to try CHI haircare products as ive herd lots of good things about the range especially the Silk Infusion and 44 Iron Guard, cant wait to try this today, i may do a review on my thoughts about the range soon
Heres whats inside...
L-R CHI 44 Iron Guard,Infra Texture Hairspray, Silk Infusion
 L-R Infra Shampoo,Infra Treatment .
This set online is around £60 i was amazed how much i saved, so if you love any of these things shown in this post, id hit the shops asap overall i saved £58 all togther in Topshop and Tkmaxx. BINGOO!.. If you have have used any of the chi products let me know what you think?
Thanks for reading 


  1. ooh those top shop earrings look lovely! x

  2. I use a few of the chi products and i'm super happy about the infra texture hairspray! Just be aware to not apply too much or it won't work!

  3. @Dphenice thanks for the tip il bear that one in mind :)


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