Monday, 5 December 2011

My Bargain-licious weekend

Bonjour :), hope you all had a lovely weekend, this weekend i hit the shops as usual but to start my Christmas shopping. I came across these beauts i just had to treat myself they where a complete bargain and i have to share these with you all.
After all Christmas shopping can be rather stressful so i thought i deserved it (What?? its an excuse ;) )
Firstly i was browsing in Topshop and came across the jewelry and they had some on sale, so here's what i got.
L-R ..Ring £10.00 £1.50, fabric paisley bracelet £5.00 £1.50,
Burgundy knot headband £7.50 £1.50, Spike earrings £8.50 £1.50.
So normally that would be £24 and cost me £6 love a good sale, Then i went to Tkmaxx i don't usually shop there but all the quirky Christmas gifts enticed me in then boom i spotted this at the hair section, last one left...had to buy..
£19.99 for all of this i was in awe, ive always wanted to try CHI haircare products as ive herd lots of good things about the range especially the Silk Infusion and 44 Iron Guard, cant wait to try this today, i may do a review on my thoughts about the range soon
Heres whats inside...
L-R CHI 44 Iron Guard,Infra Texture Hairspray, Silk Infusion
 L-R Infra Shampoo,Infra Treatment .
This set online is around £60 i was amazed how much i saved, so if you love any of these things shown in this post, id hit the shops asap overall i saved £58 all togther in Topshop and Tkmaxx. BINGOO!.. If you have have used any of the chi products let me know what you think?
Thanks for reading 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

L'Occitane En Provence Ultra Rich Shampoo

Bonjour :), I thought i would share one of my favourite hair care items with you all,  This has got to be the best shampoo I've ever used! i would never have thought to look at the L'Occitane website until i got the November issue of Marie Claire which came with a free small L'Occitane hand cream and 20% off voucher code.

Marie Claire November Issue

I realy liked the hand cream so i thought id see what other bits i could get, i needed another shampoo so i got the ultra rich one as i thought this would be best for my hair as it can be dry and dull at times, and the fact this product is a best seller and had brilliant reviews on their site swayed me more :),

 L'Occitane Ultra Rich Shampoo

Its really good AMAZING! i think i will always go back to this now ive discoverd it, this is what says about this product..

'Selected for its nourishing and restructuring properties, Shea Butter deeply nourishes the capillary fibers and protects hair and scalp against harsh conditions (sun, wind, cold, colorations…) Hair is instantly shiny, soft and smooth.'

It smells devine, like a soft smelling baby talc smell is the best way to describe it, its totally transformed my hair, its so much glossier and healthier looking, ive had so many compliments on my hair since using this, even my partner pinches it as he likes how soft it makes his hair :),Have you tryed this? if so what do you think?
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Friday, 25 November 2011

O.P.I The Muppets Collection- Rainbow Connection

Bonjour :), A week or so ago i was browsing the O.P.I website and came across the new Muppet's collection and what an amazing collection it is. So many to choose from 12 in total, it took me absolutely ages to choose one, in the end i went with Rainbow Connection. It was a massive quest to find as i searched so many online beauty retailers and all the rainbow connections where sold out, after searching high and low i found it on i totally forgot ASOS sold makeup... my saviour.
So here it is in all its sparkly loveliness 
Such a fun nail polish isint it? it may be obvious why this was my choice with crammed in sparkles of different sizes and colours such as light blue, orange, red, silver, fuschia pink, yellow and green. I dont usually like glittery nail polishes but i just love this.
Rainbow Connection O.P.I with (3 coats), Barry M top and basecoat.
 So on my nails i used quite a few coats as i wanted them to really sparkle, i also  think this polish would look great over another colour which i cant wait to try. I have read some reviews of this polish and a few people say that it takes ages to dry if u do quite a few coats, but its like that with alot of polishes, i got mine to dry super quick by spraying on some Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails, if youre like me and hate waiting for paint to dry i reccomend you buy this, it drys your manicure in 60 seconds and actually works.
If you have tryed any of the O.P.I Muppets collection let me know what you think.
Thank you for reading. 

Thursday, 17 November 2011

First things first....

Bonjour :), as this is my first blog post, and I've just had a delivery from which my lovely fiance treated me to, so it makes sense to talk about this first.
This is a new obsession of mine, everything looks so pleasing to the eye and smells amazing i just want everything but that would be too naughty. For those of you who haven't herd of lush, they sell everything from handmade soaps, bubble bars (solid forms of bubble bath) to shower jelly's, lip scrubs and lots more. don't take my word for it look for yourself.
Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb, Snow Fairy Shower Gel,I Should Coco Soap, 
Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar.

As soon as i opened the box it smelt like sweets which was yummy, I'm looking forward to trying Snow Fairy as i have seen so many great reviews of this and want to see what all the fuss is about.
if you've tryed Snow Fairy let me know what you think or let me know what your fave lush product is, because id love to try out more. Thank you for reading  

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